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In short, Iron Creek Truck & Trailer is a repair facility specializing in all aspects of repair to heavy on road equipment. We strive to deliver quality and value in the work we do for our customers.

If you’re curious, this is the story of how this business grew from a grassy 1.5 acre lot in a small Alberta town, to a 7000 square foot, 6 bay, fully equipped truck repair shop with 10 full time employees, and a customer base of hundreds of people and businesses that trust us to take care of their equipment.

Iron Creek Truck & Trailer was started by Clint Downie, A licensed Heavy Equipment Technician originally from the Sherwood Park area. The journey began in 2005, when his In-laws Pat & Lenard Calon moved back to Daysland from the Edmonton area. He and his family would come to visit, and while doing so he could see that there was a demand for a heavy duty repair shop in the district.  He had worked for a large truck dealership in Edmonton for over 10 years and felt like he was ready for a new challenge, and the seed was planted… maybe it was time to start his own business! The economy was on fire, and real estate prices were out of control in Alberta, especially close to major centers. Fortunately, he and his wife Marie had bought a nice little acreage just outside of Sherwood Park before things had gotten out of hand, and the value had risen dramatically over the years that they lived there. Seeing the opportunity presented by that equity, plans were formed, decisions were made, and they sold the acreage, then proceeded to sink every last penny they had to their name into building and tooling a new 3 bay shop in Daysland, Alberta!

From Clint: “The doors opened for business on September 6, 2006. Not everything went to plan at first… I remember pretty clearly standing and looking out the window of my empty shop, thinking that I may have made a drastic miscalculation, but slowly, the customers started to come. It was only a matter of months before I was working an average of 12 to 15 hours a day, 7 days a week trying to keep up, never saying no to anyone that wanted to bring their work to me. I could only handle that pace for so long, so I started hiring helpers, who became apprentices, and soon I had a few guys working with me full time. I managed to cut back to six days a week for the most part, but still ridiculous hours. At the time I felt I was doing what I needed to do, but I really regret missing out on so much time with my family during that rapid growth phase.

Fast forward a few years, and we had gotten so busy that we had decided to add 3 bays to the shop. By the time construction was complete I had already realized I should have made it 10! We had forged a reputation for quality and value, and that characteristic kept new customers coming in, and existing customers coming back. We hardly ever backed down from a challenge, we just kept tooling up and learning what we needed to, to get those trucks and trailers back on the road where our customers could earn their living.

This year we will be celebrating 11 years in business. We are also starting a new chapter… The first guy I ever hired and my good friend, Ryan Erickson, now a journeyman himself, has been buying shares of the company over the past couple of years and is helping to push us to new levels of success. We’ve got an awesome crew of guys that care, and work hard to get the customers back on the road where they belong. I’ve got all kinds of customers I consider friends, and I’m super proud that we have helped so many people keep the wheels rolling, so they can earn their living and support their families too!”

Thank you for taking the time to hear our story!

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